You Are A Joy Celebrated By Everyone But You

Akshi Bhargava
2 min readMar 29, 2023

It’s so easy to get lost and lose track of yourself, your beliefs and most importantly, who you are. However strong you stay, the slightest desire to be appreciated may etch a scar. You could end up looking for a healing ointment and still may not find it.

It requires a tremendous amount of indifference to not be phased by what is around you, if you are attached to your surroundings or, by who is around you, especially if you look up to them.

Little by little, disapproval or a sense of discontentment towards self starts seeping in and you instantly forget everything.

Everything that made you proud of yourself, everyone who loves you, everyone who is better or getting better at something because of you, everything of beauty you found inspiration in, every second you put into making yourself better, every effort you made to lend a helping hand, everything you have accomplished so far and the list goes on.

It’s just easier to doubt yourself than to believe in yourself.

Ironic, isn’t it?

The person who knows you the best is you. Who can know your hardships, losses, achievements, calibre, and creativity better than you? And then, knowing what you faced, what you went through and what you can, we still assume the worst of ourselves. “It must be my fault “, “ I must lack something “, “ Is it worse because of me?”. I am not trying to put a positive spin on any thought. Believe what you believe in and do what you will. Just ask yourself this, Is it better because of me? You might be surprised but, the answer could be a very humble ‘YES’.
Arrogance is where the downfall begins. It is never the key. Be humble and grounded. But believe in yourself and have confidence. And you will be okay.

This circle of blaming myself and finding ways always to make it look like it is my mistake has to break. Find the weakest link within your weakness and start working from there. Eventually, you will find what you have to do and no one can do this for you, but you.

All that’s left is to find the courage to work on it and crawl out of this circle of despair.

It’s actually simpler than it looks you know.

Stop thinking, start doing it and don’t give up.✌🏼️🏼️

Light ❤️ Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash



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