Why is a resolve important?

Akshi Bhargava
2 min readFeb 28, 2022

The word ‘important’ here is a careless understatement for the word ‘resolve’. I realised it pretty late but having a ‘resolve’ is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY.

So, how do we find it?

The SIMPLEST way to reach it is to start making your own decisions. It becomes very easy and convenient if you have someone who can lay it out for you. But when you walk only on that path without question, there will always be regrets that you won’t be able to own up to. Your refusal to accept the regret will always hinder your efforts to initiate the cycle of acceptance. And that is what I consider a true defeat.

It is extremely rare to have a life without regrets and deviating from the path chosen for you is certainly no guarantee for a life with no regrets. But, not being arrogant and elegant enough to own up to them is even worse. Because the realisation that accepting someone else’s decision was ultimately your own decision is even more mind-boggling.

Efforts to pin the blame on someone and wanting a ledger without bad debts becomes much too obvious. And trust me, You don’t want to fall into this subconscious trap. Because coming out of it is a real piece of work.

Hence, Understanding, Analysing and Accepting your decisions is the first step to reaching the ‘Resolve’. Not to mention the courage to stand by your decisions is an essential component.

Stand by what you choose. Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash

Why look for one? Why look for the ‘resolve’?

Working towards the goal inculcates clarity. It clears the mind and paves the way for the set goal. You try to be better from what you were to reach your goal. Gradually, everything that you HAD TO do becomes something that you WANT TO do. You fall into a routine that you don’t HAVE TO follow. And you desire to work towards your goal and naturally start liking it. Working towards achieving your goal, becomes a new source of happiness.

Having too many choices might not be a luxury. It sometimes prevents us from giving our best because the comfort of at least having something if we fail is almost tranquil. In my opinion, it is best to think about the alternative after the produced result.

As the cliche saying goes, it’s perseverance that matters the most. And Therefore, a resolve is important.



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