Somewhere I Belong

Akshi Bhargava
1 min readJan 11, 2022

A new place, a new day,
There could be a new way too…

A fleeting feeling where you belong,
Where you simply get along.
Where you are and when you are,
Is something that you want,
And it’s something that you care for.
The places and people around
That’s something you simply adore.

The simple scheme that’s into play
That’s making all my days go awry

The clarity to think
That everything is pink
Is something very hard to come by

Wouldn’t it be nice…
To go to bed one day,
Without wondering Who I Am?
What I should or what I can?
What I’ve done and what I can’t.

Is this a fantasy or a folderol?
Who can know for sure?
It will be a fantasy if the thought grows.

An ocean with waters from all around
With which my mind I surround
I am or I am one amongst the crowd?

All I want is to be proud.

Be Proud. Photo by Andrew Liu on Unsplash

Pride may be considered a sin but to be proud of yourself is to embrace and cherish yourself. And I love embracing and cherishing myself.



Akshi Bhargava

Kung Fu Instructor. It's all about perception. There are many angles to look at things and I’d like to unveil all of them because waves are forever changing.😁✌