Simplicity is the new cool

Akshi Bhargava
2 min readJan 26, 2022


There is way too much complication when it comes to reactions. Reactions of any type, considering most things are reactions. It could be responding to a text, an argument, in a casual conversation or to a social media post or it could be anything. Mostly all our actions are reactions. What I mean to say is, we tend to do things because someone asked us to do that or someone inspired us to do it.

I don’t really believe in superiority or inferiority, so it is what it sounds like to me. If someone is the reason or origin for your actions, it is neither good nor bad. It’s what it sounds like. Because the ultimate thing is how you feel about doing it or achieving what you wished to.

Take your time. Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

What I came across, was that most people naturally forget to incorporate their own feelings in what they are doing. And because our own feelings are given little importance, other people’s opinions flourish in our minds. Every little thing becomes a bother. This is where we lose our cool and this is where we need to loosen up.

When I sit and listen attentively, I realised that I understand all the condescending tones directed towards me and I understand them without any negativity. It is not necessary to react with the same negativity. It’s great if it is left acknowledged and unharboured.

If someone is giving a neutral or demeaning comment on a dress that makes you feel pretty, then you feel PRETTY. Genuinely thank them for the time they took to notice you and move forward. You can’t possibly understand what’s going on in their head. It’s not your job to understand that either anyway.

One dislike mentally negates the previous ten thousand likes. I understand this. But it’s time to start living by your own rules. I am against mutiny and rebellions at all costs, but there is always a way if you would just look. And if mutiny is necessary so be it. I have learnt never to let my own value phase in my own mind. And this line of thought has made me humble and simple and a little confident.

It might sound like I am bragging but I think I am cool this way.

And Hence, Simplicity is the new cool. 😎



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