Kung Fu and Me

Akshi Bhargava
2 min readOct 31, 2022

I have been training in Kung fu for the past 6.5 months in Pai, Thailand, at the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat. And it has been an amazing journey till now. The best part is, I will be going back to train for another 6–7 months.

What I see is a Kung Fu Panda 😉

Kung fu has changed my perceptions, thinking, my way to approach things and me. It completely changed me.
I believe it is difficult to go to a better place if you are already in a good place in your life. And to my surprise, I went from being in a ‘good’ place to being in a ‘better’ place, both mentally and physically.

I learned about things I didn't know were real. I learned what I am capable of. I now try to be better than I was yesterday. That's my major competition.

I was confident. And now I am even more confident. Now, Don't get me wrong here. I very well understand the difference between being confident and being overly confident. And when I say I am even more confident, I am at that better place I talked about earlier.

Let me humour you with an incident.
I was attending a class from the instructor course that I was pursuing, and the Master there said — “if you think you are perfect, then you are the biggest fool” ….
Or something along those lines….
And I,
It wasn't something I said without thinking or understanding.
I said — I do think I am Perfect!
And everyone burst out laughing.
I strive to be better every next day, but today, I do think I am perfect.

Now, again, let me clarify. I don't think I am the centre of the universe. But, I do think that I am the centre of MY universe.
I don't think I am the best person in the room or act that way. I just am myself. That's the easiest.
I am not saying I am unshakable. But it's really difficult to make my resolve wither now.

My spirit of — not giving up, is even stronger now. and I am proud of myself for that.

This is just the tip of the Iceberg. And the bummock is striving to find the base of the ocean.



Akshi Bhargava

Kung Fu Instructor. It's all about perception. There are many angles to look at things and I’d like to unveil all of them because waves are forever changing.😁✌