Kindness Is An Unexpected Gift

Akshi Bhargava
2 min readJan 3, 2023

It takes a kind soul to recognise and appreciate a kind soul.

Let me explain myself so I can justify the lucid conclusion I arrived at.

When we help someone, we assume to gain something in return subconsciously. And that's human nature. When we expect something in return, we are initiating a cycle for ourselves that is, highly likely to end in a downward spiral of disappointment.

Again, expecting something from someone is you having faith in other people and that is a sign of strength. Because it's very easy to lock yourself up and rely only on yourself. It’s putting faith in people that take a lot of courage.

Putting value on someone's actions in your favour is like you letting go of control and giving it to the person you are expecting something in return from.
It is quite difficult to think outside of the ‘ give and take ’ cycle as that's what we have seen ever since. But, once you know you have control, it gets easier.

When we show or accept acts of kindness, we seek to balance them out.
Freeing yourself from expectations might create a void within. But, Expecting something in return will burden the mind.

If this burdened mind experiences a deviation from what is expected, will eventually lead to the downward spiral I mentioned above.
Hence, Kindness is a present often overlooked and not appreciated enough.

Photo by Pin Adventure Map on Unsplash. Gratitude will change your life.

When I started to grasp the concept of control - controlling myself, others, my mind, my thoughts and actions, and my surroundings, to name a few, it was then, that I realised that I can only control what I do. And this realisation was liberating.

When I am in control, I can be humble and appreciative.
Being humble doesn't mean you have to compromise on your principles or your integrity. You can be humble and bold.
It is when we humble ourselves, we realise how much more grateful we need to be.
And once you get there,
That's when Kindness shown to you will appear as an unexpected gift.



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