Akshi Bhargava
Nov 18, 2021


In a world where I am tagged as a dabbler,
which is almost correct,
As I am, yes, a total muddler.
In a world of uncanny possibilities,
On every step, there’s a door, erect.
Sometimes needed to innovate perfect,
That then results in untamed success,
But again, roads always have two ends;
Snow, rain, breeze, or spring instead
Yes I know the joy of it, And
I refuse to understand the tacit chains.
I am as rock prepared to take that chance,
On every step, there could be a door to a promised land.

Possibilities can be niche, but they are limitless as well.

I wonder how far the hope that I cling to will take me.
This is one of the poems that I wrote. I hope I was able to reach you.



Akshi Bhargava

Kung Fu Instructor. It's all about perception. There are many angles to look at things and I’d like to unveil all of them because waves are forever changing.😁✌