5 Anime Characters Who Showed A Different Kind Of Strength

Akshi Bhargava
3 min readFeb 15, 2022

Mizugaki Tsukasa — Plastic Memories

Mizugaki Tsukasa is a boy who couldn’t attend college because he couldn’t give his entrance exam. He is then sent to work at an agency that retrieves Giftias. It would not be fair on my part to say what Giftias are for those who haven’t watched Plastic memories. So, Tsukasa is partnered with Aira and that’s where it all begins.

The strength that it poses till the end is something absolutely remarkable. His smile, in the end, I am still in a fix. Its no question that he is shattered but that smile could be genuine. To me, that was not a smile that was hiding his sorrows but a step to moving forward, for real. Or it could just be me, trying to figure out a few answers.

Senku Ishigami — Dr. Stone

I learnt this from Senku — Follow the steps and you will reach your goal. Not that difficult to understand and follow. Right? Senku builds everything from scratch and that is just amazing.

I know it is anime very well.

But building equipment in the stone age is something. His attitude of never flinching and always finding a way to achieve what he wants is admirable. His unwavering faith in science is just great to watch. My emphasis is on ‘unwavering faith’ here. Defeating brute force with his wit and brilliance will definitely get you Exciting!

Rampo Edagawa — Bungo Stray Dogs

Rampo is the guy with all the tantrums that there can be. You could never imagine him holding a position of responsibility. He never cared to learn how to take the train. Because he simply doesn’t want to. When heads of both, The Armed Detective agency, Yukichi Fukuzawa and The Port Mafia, Ogai Mori are affected by the ability ‘virus’, almost everything is in shambles in Yokohama. It was supposed to be Kunikida who would keep the Armed Detective Agency together, but something happened and he was shaken. Rampo instilled the much-required confidence back in Kunikida and showed everyone how reliable he can be when required of him. He became the strength that the agency required.

Hanagaki Takemichi — Tokyo Revengers

I don’t think this name needs any introduction or a detailed reason to be on this list. Strength is always, mostly associated with physical capabilities and that is the notion he turned around. Takemichi has a heart and spirit of a lion and I am afraid I have to stop here with his praises. The strength to take the chance and change your fate, taking that leap requires soul and guts. I believe he made a few huge mistakes here and there because a few moments were really heart-breaking. His true colours were shown when he chooses to save a friend and gamble his perfect present. He then became the epitome of strength to me.

Rei Ryugazaki — Free

At the final swimming relay race, something unexpected happens. The sweet satisfaction you have even when you see someone disqualified is nothing to laugh at. Working so hard for something and willingly giving up the chance to show your hard work, only for a friend so that he can win in his life back; this sentiment really moved me. Like a lot of things, this act by Rei reminded me to live in the present again and not only worry about the future.

Because the present is a gift, And maybe that is why it’s called ‘present’.



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